<p>Standardize the entire contraction flow!</p>

Standardize the entire contraction flow!

Get rid of care renewal or renegotiating contracts and
capitalizeaza from new segments
or launched products in the market

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With just a few clicks you have now secure and permanent access to contractual information, anywhere and anytime


Technology is advancing at a rate even faster than any other area and this means an acceleration of the number of contracts with suppliers, dealers or direct customers, keeping track of the efficiency and agility of processes themselves. On the one hand, we have the engineering department which works on top line; on the other hand, we have the sales team which is always seeking for new products, thus generating a continuous pressure on time limits and resources involved.


ASSISTO Contracts allows you to standardize the entire contraction flow. By implementing consistent company-wide standards, you can manage contracts and never fear of missing renewal or renegotiation deadlines, without being concerned of the security or allocation of additional resources for the management of complex contracts. With just a few clicks, you have permanent access to a detailed panel for each contract, so that you have the guarantee that you are the first who capitalizes on the new segments or products delivered.