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Optimize your business processes

Work efficient in a team to manage the contracts

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Contract management has never been easier. ASSISTO Contracts is here for you!

From the moment of creation until they are finished, documents can be lost, errors can sneak, time limits can be forgotten, thus generating unnecessary costs and missing important opportunities. We know that contract management is not precisely your favorite activity. You need fast, easy, safe and cost-effective processes. Therefore, you certainly need Contract Management from Star Storage.


Challenges and problems:

• Key moments lost in the absence of proactive notifications;

• Stack of contracts stored insecurely in different and hard-to-access repositories;

• Papers are very hard to find and easy to lose;

• The persons involved are in different physical locations;

• Manual activities are ineffective and rarely controlled;

• Constant pressure to increase efficiency;

• High costs associated with creating and managing contracts.


ASSISTO Contracts is here for you!


ASSISTO Contracts will offer you the control and the visibility you need on all contracts within the organization, no matter how great their volume or size.  The whole process of creation, management, and retention of contracts is greatly simplified, so that you need not worry that it might be difficult.

Do you have to considerably reduce costs associated with contract management and eliminate risks without growing the number of employees or outsourcing? You need a simple and efficient solution for the entire contract management process.

Wouldn't it be great if each contract would be carefully stored, appropriately classified and extremely easy to access? At the moment, the entire contract management process has minimum automation and takes up a lot of time? Many activities are done manually and you are prone to make mistakes that you cannot afford?


Who needs this solution?​

If you have to considerably reduce costs associated with contract management and eliminate risks, to create a single register for contracts and documents, if you want your employees to contribute to the creation and management of contracts without losing data control, to hire additional employees or outsource, then this is the right solution for you!

Do you want to respect commitments and delivery deadlines to your customers?


Do you want to have cost control and always keep yourself up-to-date with the value of contracts with suppliers? 


Or maybe:

  • You want your team to work efficiently to create a contract;
  • You must constantly negotiate the terms and conditions of a contract;
  • You want to manage the costs with company-wide contract management;
  • You need to create a single register for the efficient management of all contracts and associated documents.

Use the benefits offered by electronic contracts to optimize work processes both with Customers and Suppliers. If you manage contracts wisely, you get significant financial savings, avoid penalties or disruptive events for your business, while protecting at the same time your confidential information.

ASSISTO Contracts means proactivity for your company in the management of commercial contracts. You can quickly get a more adequate understanding of the risks, contractual statements and benefits associated with each contract and you can inform everyone involved in due time, facilitating collaboration.


Immediate benefits for you and your business with ASSISTO Contracts:

  • Proactive organization by keeping a centralized record of contracts and all related documents;
  • Quick access to contracts in order to improve execution, position in negotiation and to resolve disputes and analyze results;
  • Minimize working with paper and the risk of losing contracts and associated documents;
  • Quick actions represented by the opportunity to initiate contracts and related documents based on pre-validated templates;
  • Notifications and automation which reduce pressure on resources and decrease the effort of specialized staff throughout the contract lifecycle;
  • Compliance with the internal and external regulations through advanced security mechanisms which can be implemented and managed;
  • Maximum mobility in the efficient management of contracts, documents and associated events.

ASSISTO Contracts is certified by EMC since 2012. This is the second Star Storage solution (the first is Star Documentum Connector for HCP) which is certified by EMC and published in the Solution Gallery of the American leader, Star Storage being the only IT company in Romania with two solutions certified by EMC.


How do I start?


It is extremely simple to manage your contracts with ASSISTO Contracts.


The solution is also available as a cloud service, which allows you to pay exactly how much you use. More details here

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