<p>Use informations at their real value!</p>

Use informations at their real value!

Benefits of controlled retention, digital signatures, advanced process control conformity!

Why we have been chosen by hundreds of companies


Flexibility revolutionary. Archives anything, anytime without losing control over the content.


Performance. Solution designed to support thousands of users with a response time in milliseconds.


The management of the entire life cycle of the archived document. Configurable rules for the preservation, deletion, format choice of storage and safety rules applicable to simplify compliance with the internal and external rules of organization.


Possibility to access information from multiple systems. Now I don't have to depend on a single supplier. Using CMIS standards you can easily integrate with systems such as ERP/CRM/BPM/Portal.


Unify value documents within your company. Whether you are on paper, electronically or taken from IT systems, now you can find old data exactly when you need them!


Unleashes the entire force of the business processes. Free up resources allocated for re-writing existing documents but retired in different places within your company. Your archive is worth an upgrade!


The latest technology for data storage. Based on the storage platform top at world level HCP (Hitachi Content Platform), SEAL minimizes the size of the contents, optimizes storage configurations and protects your valuable data from hardware changes.

Security guaranteed. With SEAL you have the guarantee of strict and audited processes for securized management of the electronic archive which offers you peace and allows you to concentrate on critical activities within your company. More time to increase profits.