<p>Be prepared to be surprised!</p>

Be prepared to be surprised!

Management of contracts and associated documents has never been easier

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Why ASSISTO Contracts?

ASSISTO Contracts ensures, through its functionalities, a predefined work model which can be easily applied for the management of contracts and related documents. With ASSISTO Contracts, you can easily arrive at business decisions and reduce the response time to market requests on the basis of the latest information related to the changes and updates carried out in contracts.

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Usage Scenarios

The solution can be adapted and customized for a specific implementation, depending on what is required, by addressing important and real life situations concerning contracts, faced by organizations in any industry. Although in many cases organizations are focused on procurement contracts, the contract management solution can be successfully applied for all types of contracts, whether they are concluded with suppliers or customers, treating them both unitary, but also depending on the characteristics of each business model.  

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Created for your needs

ASSISTO Contracts actually helps your organization to manage contracts in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Now all contracts are registered in a single place on the basis of a uniform set of rules for the classification and validation of information. Using flexible security rules, the access and collaboration on contracts and related documents is allowed, and the system sends customized information directly to users. 

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Immediate benefits for you and your business

With ASSISTO Contracts you can:

  • Keep a consolidated list of all contracts;
  • Monitor all contractual events andautomatically notify employees regarding the contract renegotiation or renewal terms;
  • Simplify the search and retrieval processes of contracts;
  • Reduce time and costs for accessing and managing each contract.
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Licenses or cloud? Or both?

Available as perpetual license both for “On Premise”, as well as for “On Demand” installations, delivered as a cloud service.

  • Use your already existing infrastructure to build your own private cloud, using the multi-tenant native features of the application;
  • Use the "On Demand" solution to pay exactly for how much you archive, without initial costs for infrastructure, software or implementation.
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